Amazfit Bip

Rs : 4,999.00
Product Code: Amazfit Bip

Watch Size : 30.5 mm

Display : 1.28 inch

Usage Time : 45 Days

Type : GPS

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IP Ratings IP68
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Battery Life 45 Days
Battery Capacity 190 mAh
Sensors HR Sensor, Triaxial Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor
Warranty One Year

1.28 inch| 45 Days | 190 mAh

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More Power On-the-go Amazfit Bip
Up to 45-day battery life | GPS+GLONASS dual-mode positioning | Heart Rate | Light Weight

You’ll forget what charging feels like
Daily charging? Once a week? Good news: The Youth version of the watch can be used for up to 45 days on a single charge. If you simply monitor the number of steps and sleep, the battery life is up to 4 months!

Come on! Run a love-shaped track for him or her
A Sony 28nm low-power GPS chip is built into the watch. GPS+GLONASS dual-mode positioning makes the search for satellite signals fast and accurate. With the GPS sports watch, even if the phone isn't around, you can do many things during exercise. For example, you can run a love-shaped track, see whether your cycling pace can catch up with an F1 race car, or give it your all as you race to victory on a 10K run!

Proper Outdoor Play

Because the screen is on continuously, the content on the watch can be seen simply by raising your hand; Thanks to a reflective screen, the stronger the outdoor light is, the clearer the screen is. Open the GPS all the way, and the battery life is up to 22 hours. So, you won't need to carry a power bank during a cross-country race. Waterproof and dustproof IP68 technology lets you go anywhere with your Amazfit watch.

You'll know at a glance whether the exercise is aerobic or anaerobic
This compact watch monitors changes in heart rate throughout the day. You'll instantly know whether the exercise level reaches the standard, if the exercise effects are good or not, and whether your exercise routine is aerobic or anaerobic. It's easy and convenient to check, because the watch tells you right away.

Check Messages Without Taking out Your Phone
With the Amazfit watch you can quickly check app messages and SMS, but there are many others things you can do, too. For instance, you can connect your phone to unlock its screen. If you miss a call or signal on your phone, you'll be reminded by vibrations on your wrist. Set the vibration alarm clock, and the watch will wake only you. It will even call you as a reminder that you've been seated or still for too long.

New Mi Fit 3.0: Millions of Users Run Together
Watches and the new Mi Fit 3.0 are used together to bring a new sports experience and more precise sports data. With all the personalized functions, you'll enjoy your workout more. So, get active! You can work out with millions of people!

How can you be bound?

The watch only weighs 32 grams with the watch band, which is as light as a sports bracelet! You'll barely feel the watch once you have it on. Even when doing your prize three-step layup, you'll barely know the watch is there. It's supremely comfortable, whether you're asleep or deeply engaged in a computer game.